Lotion Potion (Blow-dry protector)
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Lotion Potion is a maintenance therapy product that seals-in moisture during blow-drying, and serves as a smoothing lotion for unruly cuticles. Warmed minerals are sealed into the layers of the cuticle with the energy of your blow dryer.
Moisture is put in-not dried out.
8 oz.-$15


Apply moderately before blow-drying to protect from the heat of the blow-dryer which dehydrates hair. Keeps hair straight and smooth.


Note  It penetrates the pores thermally and conditions while furnishing a moist environment within the bond of the cortex. When the “S bond” material is soaked in an alkaline moist environment, hair is more fluid with motion and flexible with added elasticity.

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Lotion Potion (Blow-dry protector)

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