Hydro-Lock (Water Soluble Oil Hydrator)
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Water soluble?? What on earth does that mean?!

Hydro-Lock's oil molecules are small enough to combine with the tiny water molecules and is the only oil that assist moisture in adhering deep into the cuticle. The oil holds the water into the hair.

The water is the hydrator. The special formula is the catalyst to make the water "stick" onto the hair. This innovative water soluble oil provides penetrating moisture, light sheen, and maintains manageability.

Use lightly when flat-ironing or using thermal straightening tools.


Note: Traditional oils have large molecules and do not penetrate the cuticle. Most oils marketed as moisturizers have large molecules, lay on top of hair, and do not have the ability to penetrate the cuticle. They only give a temporary feeling of moisture, because the hair feels slick.

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Hydro-Lock (Water Soluble Oil Hydrator)

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