"Hair Guardian" (Enzyme Re-constructor)
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Hair Guardian consist of fruit and vegetable enzymes which repair broken and damaged cuticles that restore elasticity, moisture, strength, and shine. This cuticle simulator stops hair breakage, shedding, and dehydration.

This highly effective 100% food grade product can be applied to skin and scalp to heal itching and severe dandruff. Works excellent on eczema.

4 oz.-$20   16 oz. -$40                




Monthly or Bi-weekly treatment

Step 1. Apply to dry hair, massage, and place under dryer (20 minutes).

Step 2. Massage in TRU-NEUTRA C-7 then shampoo twice.

Step 3. Rinse, and apply 3-IN-ONE. Rinse.

Step 4. Roller-set with ECO-HOLD or blow-dry using LOTION POTION.


Before relaxer touch-ups

Step 1. ONLY apply to previously processed hair to protect from overlapping.

Step 2. Apply relaxer to new growth ONLY. Rinse well after processing. 

Step 3. Apply TRU-NEUTRA C-7, rinse and repeat. Leave in shampoo for 10 mins to ensure neutralization of chemical.

Step 4. Apply HAIR GUARDIAN to newly processed hair after chemical treatments. Place under hot dryer or steam cap for 10 minutes.

Step 5. Apply 3-IN-ONE, leave in. Rinse and style as desired.

Step 6. Maintain health and strength with monthly or bi-weekly treatments.


Note:  Uplifted cuticles result in dull brittle hair-eventually resulting in cuticle damage. Damaged hair is dry, porous, weak, and hard to manage. HAIR GUARDIAN reseals cracked, broken cuticles with reforming enzymes, and simulates the cuticle layer allowing hair to maintain moisture, elasticity, strength, and shine. 

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"Hair Guardian" (Enzyme Re-constructor)

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