Combility/"Millennium Curl" Curl Enhancer
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Yes, this is our darling "COMB-ILITY", but we had to give it a nickname when we discovered a way to have PERMANENT luscious organic curls by simply applying the cream and rodding the hair. 

We love the slick curl, but could have done without the activator bondage, plastic caps, odor, burning, and damage. Using corrosive acids or lye-based texturizers that stomp cuticles into submission are a thing of the past. 

With "Millennium Curl"  there is never any burning; which use to be caused by the acid neutralization process that irritated the scalp. Bold luscious stand-up curls minus the '80's acidic formulas. It gives smoothness to frizzy and unruly curl patterns. Just apply, rod, and rinse.

 16 oz.-$25


 Virgin hair instructions

*Extremley coarse, dehydrated, or hair that is not routinely maintained may require more processing time 

Step 1. Part hair in 4 sections

Step 2. Apply MILLENNIUM CURL to each section *let set for 25 minutes for 25 minutes. (no processing cap is optional).

Step 3. Rinse and repeat application (highly suggested for resistant and coarse textures).

Step 4. Starting from the nape, begin to roll hair with appropriate size cold wave rod. (Smaller rod; tighter defined curl).

Step 5. Place patron under hot dryer (product is heat activated) for 45-60 minutes after rolling. 

Step 6. Let rods cool for 20 minutes.

Step 7. With rods in rinse well, pat dry then carefully remove rods. 

Step 8. Apply Tru-Neutra C-7 Shampoo sparingly on curls. Let sit for 10 mins. Rinse gently and throughly. 

Step 8. Towel blot hair. Condition using 3-IN-ONE Moisture Balance Conditioner. Do not rinse out.

Step 9. Twirl hair using fingers for a great spiral look. Comb-out for a loose wavy curl (optional)

Step 10. To style daily-mist, dampen or wet hair to revitalize curls.


Note: The smaller the rod the tighter the curl. Short lengths required rods ¼ or smaller. 

Great Options: Hair can be worn straight using a flat-iron or thermal styling tools without concern for breakage. When a curls are desired again simple shampoo or co-wash to revitalize curl pattern.


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Combility/"Millennium Curl" Curl Enhancer

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