"Comb-ility" (Alkaline Mineral Hair Softener)
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This hair softener simplifies the combing process of resistant hair without altering or removing the cuticle. Alkaline minerals are the hero!

Can be used with curling rods to create unstoppable PERMANENT curls that go from curly to straight and BACK again!  

Kiddie Kits...get ta steppin'!
16 oz.-$25 



Instructions for Virgin Hair





Step 1. To soften hair apply COMB-ILITY  in sections. For less resistant textures apply for 30 minutes, place under dryer. Coarse or coily hair 45-60 minutes under dryer (plastic processing cap not required).


Step 2.  Rinse, shampoo twice with TRU-NEUTRA C-7  pH Balancing Shampoo. After second shampoo leave in for 10 minutes for proper neutralization.


Step 3.  Apply 3-IN-ONE Moisture Balance (conditioner). Style as desired.


Step 4.  If a straight style is desired, blow-dry with LOTION POTION. If flat-ironing apply a medium amount of HYDRO-LOCK  on entire head before pressing.



Instructions for re-touching, transitioning or chemically-treated hair (dyed and/or relaxed hair) 


Step 1. Apply 3-IN-ONE Moisture Balance to chemically processed hair ONLY (not new growth).


Step 2. Apply COMB-ILITY  to new growth ONLY (follow Step 1 of “Instructions for Virgin Hair” for desired softening.


Step 3. Follow Step 2-4 of “Instructions for Virgin Hair”.


Note: The shampoo finishes the pH balancing of the new growth and the previous relaxed hair.




Styling Options: Soft, tight lasting curls


After shampooing, apply ECO-HOLD Setting Lotion moderately on hair.


Roller-set with rollers or rods; large for wavy curls or small for soft tight curls.


Dry completely under hair dryer.






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"Comb-ility" (Alkaline Mineral Hair Softener)

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