Anti-Dissolve (Low pH relaxer)
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ANTI-DISSOLVE has a lower pH straightening level than traditional sodium and calcium “No-Lye” hydroxide relaxers.

This low corrosion relaxer is supplemented with special, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Formulated to maintains hair’s integrity and permanently straightening without breaking and dissolving cuticle bonds. Hair retains thickness, strength, and manageability.


Before relaxer touch-ups

Step 1. ONLY apply to previously processed hair to protect from overlapping.

Step 2. Apply ANTI-DISSOLVE to new growth ONLY. Rinse well after processing. 

Step 3. Apply TRU-NEUTRA C-7, rinse and repeat. Leave in shampoo for 10 mins to ensure neutralization of relaxer.

Step 4. Apply HAIR GUARDIAN to newly processed hair after relaxer treatment. Place under heated dryer or steam cap for 10 minutes.

Step 5. Apply 3-IN-ONE, leave in. Rinse and style as desired.

Step 6. Maintain health and strength with monthly or bi-weekly treatments.


Virgin hair

Step 1: Part hair in four sections and apply to entire length of hair starting from nape of neck. Follow Steps 2-6 of "Before relaxer touch-ups".

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Anti-Dissolve (Low pH relaxer)

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